The Abergavenny Street Survey ( continues to provide information, although there have been problems with the website, now, hopefully, resolved. The research group continues to support the investigation of the history of Plas Gunter Mansion, although the display area there had to be closed in March, just after we had added a display on the history of Bailey Park in part of the display area. It has not been possible to re-open the display area because it is impossible to maintain social distancing in such a small space.
The society provides information to the wider public via the website: from where guided walks can be downloaded or leaflets or books requested. Information about the society activities is available. Visitors can attend lectures free (although we do ask for a donation). Links to other societies of relevance are also provided and there is a query page where questions about local history can be collected. Answers are provided or the question passed onto other bodies who may be able to assist. The annual report and financial reports are made available on the website. British Telecom which provides the site free of charge has recently informed us that they will not be continuing and other arrangements are being made.
3. The Castle and Museum floodlighting scheme was discontinued because of the increasing cost of electricity and maintenance. It is possible that the Museum service will be able to take over the scheme and, if so, we will restart the sponsorship scheme to support it. The Victorian Garden in the Castle grounds continues to be maintained by members, subject to accessibility during the restrictions.
The society are conscious of the long-standing connection with and support for the Museum which was set up by the fore-runners of the present society and hope that the Museum will soon be open again to visitors.
Officers and structure:  President: Ken Key
Committee Members (with their main responsibilities) who were confirmed at the AGM in May 2019 were:
Chairperson: G Wakley. Secretary: L Smith. Treasurer: J Cormack.  Lecture & visits team: H Morgan, J Zijcek, S Langford-Johnson, B Emberson.  Membership Officer: J Patrick.  Website and email notifications/ Research Group co-ordinator: S Smith. Floodlighting: S Smith. Publications: I Hofayz.  Publicity: vacant, members of the committee cover this as far as possible. Technical Officer: C Maciejewski. Schools Liaison: J White.  Other committee members: D Morgan, J Butt. Monmouthshire Museums nominated representative: R Rogers.
Many thanks to all for their hard work throughout the year, including those, not on the committee, who assist by running the projector at meetings, gardening in the Museum Garden, researching, and organising or being on the rota for church watch. The committee dealt with business as it arose by email and telephone after meeting in the first three months of the year.
It had been agreed that the Membership of the Society from May 2019 would continue until September 2020. Thereafter it should be renewed annually and over 200 members have renewed despite the problems with the pandemic.  Dr G Wakley Chairperson