Annual Accounts


The ALHS Annual Accounts for January to December 2023 can be downloaded here:

ALHS 2023 Accounts


Annual Report 2023 continued

3. To support Abergavenny Museum and Castle

  The Society is an active participant in the new Inclusive History Project led by the Museum’s newly appointed Community Engagement Officer as part of the Welsh Government’s Anti-Racist Wales Project.

  The Victorian Garden in the Museum grounds continues to be maintained and enhanced by a small but dedicated band of volunteers.

  The Curator of the Castle and Museum continues to sit as an ex officio member of the committee.


Officers and structure:

President: Ken Key



There have been some changes in personnel at the committee, but former committee members are still working hard on various aspects of the Society’s work, e.g.:

Website, email newsletter, Research Group co-ordinator:  S. Smith


Committee Members (with their main responsibilities) were confirmed at the AGM in May 2023:  

Chair: F. Olding.

Secretary, website and social media: C. Maciejewski.

Treasurer: J. Cormack.  

Lecture & visits: H. Morgan, J. Zajicek, B. Emberson.

Membership Officer:  J. Patrick

Publications: Vacant

Publicity:  all members of the committee

Schools Liaison: J. White

Technical Officer (talks): R. Langford-Johnson

Host (talks): S. Langford-Johnson,

Without portfolio: D. Morgan

Monmouthshire Museums representative: R. Rogers


The committee dealt with business via regular Zoom meetings.  Many thanks to all my colleagues for their hard work, support and encouragement throughout the year.


Frank Olding