Books & Leaflets


Most of these are available from local outlets such as Abergavenny Museum, Abergavenny Tourist Information Centre etc. Some can be purchased by members before the talks.  For more details contact

Booklets and Leaflets for local Walks
In addition to the walks you can download from the Walks page the following leaflets are available locally or from ALHS:

Trails and Tails for Families:
Wigs, Flannels, Normans and Romans … for a taster of the history of Abergavenny, follows a trail round the Children’s Plaques
Parks and Gardens …. Just a few of the parks and gardens of Abergavenny
Chapels and Churches: Dissenters, Recusants & Anglicans ... a trail around some Abergavenny churches and chapels
These 3 free leaflets are available from Abergavenny Tourist Information Centre and from Abergavenny Museum – contact us if you have trouble finding a copy.

Taith Trwy'r Hanes Y Fenni/ Abergavenny: A Walk through History - A bilingual booklet walking you through a history trail in Abergavenny with splendid photographs. Very suitable also as a souvenir for visitors. Only £2.50. (£2 for members)

A Walk Around Abergavenny (2nd Edition) Leaflet by Gwyn Jones and revised by I M Morgan; illustrations by Michael Blackmore, 60p.

Publications currently available from ALHS

Discovering Abergavenny: Archaeology & History (2nd Edition) by Frank Olding

This popular book has been completely revised with much new information that has come to light since the last edition published in 2012. This has altered some of our ideas about the periods covered as well as some startling new information. Were the stones for Stonehenge transported through Abergavenny? They would have needed local collaboration to move them, but recent findings into the complicated history of Stonehenge suggests this possibility. The Bronze Age hoards found locally recently raise more questions. Where were the people who buried all these objects? The Iron Age defences on the tops of many of the surrounding hills suggest a turbulent time. The Romans paid homage to the local god Gobannus  - whose origins have been newly researched by the author – by calling the town Gobannium. The steady progress of the science of archaeology and findings made in the locality continue to furnish us with a fascinating picture, all written in the accessible style of this well-known author.  Purchasing Information:
The new book is available to ALHS members at just £12. Non-members can purchase a copy for £15 (+£2 for p & p). We can deliver, free, through people’s letterboxes within Abergavenny.


Hell Let Loose 3rd Battalion: The Monmouthshire Regiment in World War 1 by Frank Olding (£3 for members)

Gobannium: The Romans in Abergavenny  by Frank Olding. Book published by Abergavenny Local History Society, August 2009. RRP £5.00. (£4 for members)


Abergavenny Old Hereford Road Cemetery Database of Burials and Headstones 1855-1938, by the ALHS Research Group. This DVD contains a transcription of the Abergavenny Burial Book, presented by year in an Excel file with information about the headstones added. There are over 600 photographs of the headstones. £6 for members, £8 for non-members (+£2 for p&p)



Publications in print  - The following publications are available from bokshops or online.


Abergavenny Pubs (Images of Wales S.) by Frank Olding, paperback published by Tempus Publishing Ltd, August 2005; RRP £12.99. It uses images from the archives of Abergavenny Museum, to illustrate the development of the pubs in the town.

Abergavenny, a History and Celebration by Richard Davies, hardback published by The Francis Frith Collection originally exclusively for Ottakar's. It has now (2012) been re-issued; RRP £18. Featuring photographs from the Francis Frith collection, additional modern photographs by Richard Davies. or contact Richard Davies 892869

Abergavenny Past and Present by I M Morgan, published by Suttons in 2003 (RRP £11.99). It features more than 200 photographs.

Around Abergavenny, Photographic Memories by Richard Davies, published by Francis Frith, October 2004 RRP £14.99 in hardback, £10.99 in paperback. It includes photographs of Blaenavon, Brynmawr, Clydach, Crickhowell, Gilwern, Llanthony, Llanvetherine and Raglan.

The Prehistoric Landscapes of the Eastern Black Mountains by Frank Olding. Paperback published in 2000 by Archaeopress.


Out of Print  - Various other books on local history, some now out of print, are available in the Local History Collection in Abergavenny Library and some are available second-hand online.

Charcoal Burning in Fforest Coal Pit & the Grwyne Valley by Shirley Rippin with illustrations by Michael Blackmore. It includes a walk featuring charcoal pit sites and information about the local charcoal industry. Published by Abergavenny Local History Society, April 2013.
The Story of Abergavenny: From the Stone Age to Our Age DVD from Abergavenny Local History Society and produced by PK Pictures, September 2008. The film is about 55 minutes long.
So you think you know? Abergavenny by Richard Davies published by The Francis Frith Collection for Ottakar's, 2005.
Vanished Abergavenny - Y Fenni Ddiflanedig by Frank Olding, the former museum curator, from the collections of Abergavenny Museum. Paperback from Tempus Publishing, 1994.
A Town Remembers: Memories of Wartime Abergavenny 1939-1945 by Abergavenny Local History Society and edited by Richard Davies. The booklet has been drawn from the tapes of the society's oral history project conducted by a team of volunteers.
Street Survey of Abergavenny published by the Abergavenny Local History Society. Not for sale but copies are available for inspection in Abergavenny Library, Abergavenny Museum and Gwent County Records Office. This was the original which has been incorporated in the on-line version: