Get Involved


There are many ways that members can contribute to the running of the Society and the activities done by the Society. Please contact us for more information about any of the tasks shown below. Do tell us at any time if you would like to do something not listed or would be happy to join the Committee on More information can be found by clicking on the menu.


Victorian Garden at the Castle:

Paddy Beynon is looking for more people to work with her for a year or two with a view to eventually taking over responsibility for the (very beautiful) garden next to the Museum. Currently they are working on Friday mornings. Contact Paddy on for information.



St Mary’s Church is now open for visitors each day between 12 and 2pm. Every Wednesday the ALHS Churchwatch Group provides a volunteer to be ‘Welcomer’ at the church entrance. You can meet some really interesting people or, if you are not kept busy, you can simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the church. You do not need to be a churchgoer and masses of information is available at the desk in the church to help you answer questions, so you will probably learn a lot as well. You will need to be available once every couple of months, or so.

If you would prefer not to greet visitors on your own why not ask a friend to volunteer with you? Just email us and we will forward your details to the Churchwatch organiser.



The research group recorded the recent history of the Castle; they transcribed and updated the Street Survey for a new website and have transcribed the Abergavenny Vestry book from the 1700s. They have recorded the gravestones in Hereford Road cemetery, collated historical information about Gunter Mansion and researched the Home Front in World War One in Abergavenny. Currently they are researching Tourism in Abergavenny & District, the run-up to and life in Abergavenny in World War Two and are transcribing the baptisms, marriages and burials from the 17th century at St Mary's - anyone with Latin skills welcomed with open arms!


Plaques & Information Boards:

We commissioned information boards for Linda Vista Gardens and for the site of the WW1 tank in Bailey Park. We contributed towards the information boards in the Castle grounds. Two new plaques have been commissioned commemorating the evacuees in WW2.  We have, with , arranged for QR points to be put up around the town marking historical sites. These augment the ceramic illustrated plaques and the blue plaques mentioned elsewhere on this site. If you could help to keep an eye on any of these, or have any suggestions for more, let us know.