Get Involved


There are lots of ways that members can contribute to the running of the Society and the activities done by the Society. Please contact us for more information about any of the tasks shown below, but do tell us at any time if you would like to do something not listed or would be happy to join the Committee.


Museum Garden:

Paddy is looking for somebody to work with her for a year or two with a view to eventually taking over responsibility for the (very beautiful) Museum Garden.



It would be helpful to have more people join the rota for Churchwatch, ready for when the church is open to visitors again. You would spend 2-3 hours on Wednesday afternoons in the lovely and peaceful atmosphere of St Mary’s Church welcoming visitors. The rota system means your turn will come up 4-6 times a year. You do not need to be a church-attender or an expert on the building as there are lots of notes to refer to when answering visitors’ questions.

Abergavenny Local History Society 
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