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Toby Driver U-Tube talk – Archaeology of the Gwent Levels

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Other Events & On-line Alternatives


While ALHS lectures have to be given via Zoom we have been providing some links to online events and websites we find interesting - anything from virtual tours of museums to lectures and podcasts. Now that more and more real-life events are happening we are providing information about those as well.


Other Events in October

Crickhowell Literary Festival

The festival runs from 13–17 October and has loads of events that might interest you.


Crickhowell & District History Society

‘Theophilus Jones, Thomas Price and a hidden sketchbook’

19 October at 7.30pm in Clarence Hall, Crickhowell. £3 for members and £4 for non-members

William Gibbs reveals Thomas Price’s role in illustrating Jones’ book on ‘The History of Breconshire’. Contact for more information.


Big Pit National Coal Museum

Pit Girls Exhibition

On until September 2022, free

This exhibition covers the topic of female workers in the Welsh coal industry. This is probably the first time this topic has been covered, looking at how women worked in the pits - on the surface and underground - and later in the offices and medical centres.


Online Events in October

National Archives

Rethinking the Lives of Black Victorians

15 October 2pm £15

Caroline Bressey reveals stories of the Black British population and their lives within Victorian Britain. Reflecting on popular culture’s influence, she uncovers the spaces where black men and women could find work, in particular the circus and the theatre - where their labour was undoubtedly racialised.


Powys Family History Society

Drone Archaeology of Powys

21 October

Via Zoom - Powys FHS AGM and Film and slide show by Julian Ravest -


Interesting Websites

National Library of Wales Youtube Channel

Everything from the White Book of Rhydderch to Owen Shiers.


Archaeology For All

The Council for British Archaeology Resources hub