Walk through the past with US

Blue Plaques You can access and print out a route around the refurbished blue plaques which mark significant historical sites in Abergavenny, click here:  Blue Plaques Trail


If you have read Shirley Rippin's book The Charcoal Industry of Fforest Coalpit & the Grwyne Fawr Valley you may be interested in going on this walk to see a number of the sites mentioned. Or try the walk first and buy the book afterwards if you prefer. But do go on the walk. Download the route description here:  Charcoal Walk



Guided walks 

We may be able to offer tailored walks, on request, for other organisations or groups.

Ceramic & stone plaques: Leaflets in both Welsh and English about the new ceramic and stone plaques, Strydoedd a Straeon/Tails and Trails are now available from Abergavenny Tourist Information Centre in the Market Hall, the Museum and other outlets. See Plaques

QR History points: look out for the long green topped History Points in shop and pub windows as well as by the War memorial, Castle Street Car Park and the Museum Car Park. If you have a smart phone with the app to read QR (quick read) points you can obtain more information. Some of the History Points will lead you on a trail around Abergavenny called The Law: makers and breakers, with links to the website. For the History Points website click here:   historypoints.org



Leaflets on walks are available: see Books & Leaflets